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Troubleshooting with Webex

Frequent Problems

This guide covers frequently encountered questions and issues

Virtual Visit Self-Service Troubleshooting

Start here to identify if there is a means to solving a problem in real time. If you are unable to resolve the issues you are experiencing, please contact the Epic Help Desk at 414-805-2101 to report the issues.

I “start consultation” but it won’t connect

Attempt to refresh your browser window. If this does not work, Exit Meeting and attempt to join again. If this does not work, have the patient do the same on their end.

If the exit meeting did not work, try End Meeting to relaunch the entire space and advise the patient to rejoin

If you see just a blank, white screen and no text/nothing happens, your browser may have cookies disabled. Please go to Settings >Browser (safari for iOS), and allow cookies.

How do I refresh the browser?

Tap the upper right refresh icon shown below. This is typically located near the URL window at the top of the browser.


What is the difference between Exit Meeting and End Meeting?

When you Exit Meeting, (recommended during troubleshooting) the space remains available for the attendees (the patient) to remain in the meeting space. When you End Meeting, the space closes for all parties involved.

Exit Meeting

Audio/Visual quality is inconsistent

This usually happens when the patient bandwidth is not robust enough and it flips to an audio only mode. Although not desired, the visit can be completed. Video will typically restore when patient bandwidth allows. I see only an icon of a person, but can’t see the patient and they cannot see me

Sometimes there is a delay in the video starting. Or the patient bandwidth or internet traffic is low enough that the call goes to ‘audio only’ to preserve the communication. Video may resume when bandwidth increases. Conduct the call; if video has not been restored by the time you must examine, consider doximity (though bandwidth may remain a problem).

What settings should I make sure my device has?

Apple = settings > Safari > under privacy and security > make sure Block All Cookies is off (not green)

Apple = settings > Haiku > 1) Camera (green) 2) Microphone (green)

Android = Tap chrome icon > Settings (Upper right corner) > Under ‘Site Settings’ > 1) Cookies (make sure it says allowed) 2) camera (make sure it says allowed) 3) Microphone > if blocked it will show a link to go into the Android Settings> tap link > find ‘Permissions’ > allow microphone

What Android Haiku app version do I need?

For android users, the Haiku app version needed is 9.2.3 or later to be successful with the video component of the virtual visit.

What WiFi network can I use?

The organization has two available WiFi networks. There is more than enough bandwidth available to support all virtual visit care at this time.

Please look on the Intranet to find the SSID and Password

If WiFi is still an issue, attempt to toggle off and use the cellular network as a last resort.

How can I make my patient bigger?

If the patient appears small, you can pinch and zoom to make them bigger.

Who is the “host” for this visit?

The provider acts as the host for the meeting and controls the meeting space.

How would a resident/med student/interpreter/other care team member join the visit?

The 3rd party would need to 1) have Epic access 2) join the visit using the same provider workflow.

What if it’s simply not working?

If you have exhausted all options, consider changing the type of visit, or use Doximity as the back up option to salvage the visit.

I am calling the Epic Help Desk. What information do I need to have?

In the upper left corner of the meeting space is a megaphone. Tap the megaphone to display additional technical information related to your meeting space. Getting this information to the Help Desk is vital to connect with Cisco WebEx and identify any potential underlying issues in a timely fashion.

Still Have a Question?

We’re always here to help. Contact us: call 414-805-9100.
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