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Information about conducting virtual visits for our Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin Health Network Teams

Getting Prepared

  1. Have Epic open on a computer
  2. Download Haiku (for phones) or Canto (for tablets) from your respective app store
  3. Consider installing Doximity to use as a back-up


  1. Medical Assistants or techs will ‘room’ patients ahead of visits, and will use the same system as for in person visits to notify providers that the patient is ready. This is usually the ‘dot’ system.

Pending deeper integration, patients are not auto-arriving

  1. On your mobile device, in Haiku, open the encounter and then navigate to telemed. Click “Start Visit.”

The button may appear orange indicating that a patient is not yet connected. This feature is not functional currently. Continue to click “Start Visit.”

  1. A browser will launch. This will then open the meeting with a url You will press a green button to start consultation. Patients will be waiting and instantly connected when you join.

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