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Changes with Video Visit Platform (WebEx)

Top Things to Know About The New Video Visit Platform

Written by Digital Support Team

What do I need to know?

For the most part, this is our new business as usual. MyChart Virtual Visits will remain our main visit type that we use for video, patients will access the visit through the Froedtert&MCW app, and clinicians will access the visit through Haiku/Canto, with added options.

The new platform is expected to perform better being cloud-based, subject to internet traffic.

The platform provides new functionality, including the ability to add a third person, including an interpreter, or a learner/trainee.

Ability to take calls using a web camera in a laptop, or through a web browser

Integration with Epic

Cisco and Epic are working on tighter integration that we expect soon. Until then, there will be some loss of functionality, but we expect it to be regained shortly after Cisco and Epic complete their process. The temporary loss of functionality includes:

  1. Auto-arrival of patients

    • Mitigation: MA’s must manually arrive/check in patients in Epic
  2. Notification that the patient is waiting on the call

    • Mitigation: will fall back to the ‘dot’ system like in person
  3. Visit image capture

    • Mitigation: patient would need to take picture and send via MyChart message as workaround until solution


Workflow will need to be adjusted in the clinics for clinic staff to Call the patient in advance of the visit (~25 min) to ‘room’ them Ensure that the patient has completed the precheck-in steps, then conduct any remaining ‘rooming’ work Help the patient get connected Use the dot system to let the clinician know that the patient is ready and on the video

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