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I am having difficulty with sound/video

Written by Digital Support Team
Last edited 8/25/2021

If your audio or visual is not working, poor, or lagging:

  • Check that your computer/mobile device camera and/or microphone is on and working properly.
  • Ensure your microphone is not on mute or disabled in the meeting space.
  • Ensure your camera is not off or disabled in the meeting space.
  • Adjust the lighting so the light source is in front of you.
  • Check your internet connection. Inadequate Wi-Fi, low bandwidth or slow connections may be the culprit. Limit the number of devices or streaming services that are using the same internet connection as your computer or mobile device.
  • Attempt to reload/refresh your web browser.
  • Exit the meeting space and re-enter.
  • If you have a pop-up blocker notification on your web browser, allow pop-ups for the meeting space.

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