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What technology/app do I need for a virtual visit?

For mobile devices

You will need a smartphone or mobile device that has audio (microphone), video (camera) and text capability.

Download the Froedtert & MCW mobile app on your smartphone or tablet:

· Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play on the device you wish to use for your virtual visit.

  • Search for “Froedtert&MCW”.
  • Click GET/INSTALL to download the app shown below.
  • Sign up for a Froedtert & MCW account using your e-mail address and a password of your choice. This account is different from your MyChart account.
  • To link your MyChart account, tap the MyChart tile on the home screen.
  • Login to your MyChart account with your Froedtert & MCW MyChart username and password.
  • Your accounts are now linked. Going forward, sign into the mobile app using your Froedtert & MCW e-mail and password.

For iOS devices

Get it on Apple Store

For Android devices

Get it on Google Play

For computer/PC/laptop devices

For your visit to be successful, you will need a computer/PC/laptop with the following:

  1. Reliable internet connection with a supported web browser. All web browsers are supported except Internet Explorer.
  2. Video capability (camera)
  3. Audio capability (microphone)

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