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Find care based on your symptoms.

Written by Digital Support Team
Last edited 3/19/2020

What is a symptom checker?

A symptom checker is a digital tool that helps you easily check your symptoms and understand your best options for care. Think of it as chatting with a friendly doctor.

How do I use the symptom checker?

It’s very easy. The symptom checker will display several prompts to help you narrow down your possible condition and care suggestions.

At the beginning of the interview using the symptom checker, after you’ve added some demographic details about yourself, you’ll be able to enter your symptoms. Once you type in your symptoms, it will suggest related terms - this is to help you get more clarity around how you’re feeling.

After you’ve finished entering up to three of your most bothersome symptoms, you will be asked follow-up questions to get a better idea of what you’re feeling. Once it’s gathered enough information, you will be presented personalized results and care recommendations.

How does the symptom checker’s artificial intelligence (AI) work?

The AI relies on information from thousands of clinical papers, all of which have been carefully reviewed and mapped to create a sophisticated network that powers the AI’s understanding. Right now, the symptom checker is equipped to ask over 5,000 unique questions.

As millions of users search their symptoms using the symptom checker, the AI learns from the information exchanged during these interactions and is able to build a better understanding of how to respond in the future.

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